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Overjoyed: One Week Later

Since last Tuesday’s historic night, black comedians have joked that black folks haven’t been this happy since the 1863 Emancipation Proclamation. I never thought I could ever relate to that type of joy until now.

I now know the meaning of overjoyed.

This feeling hasn’t diminished from Tuesday night. It has only soared.  Each time I see pictures online or on television of happy, black faces crying, hugging, dancing or smiling about Obama’s victory, I am overcome with emotion.  I share in their joy because this victory was not just about one man, it was about all of us. In a country where the Black man and woman were once seen as three-fifths of a person, where Black men and women marched and died to cast a ballot, where a Black man couldn’t even step foot in the White House unless he was there to serve… we finally have a taste of what inclusion feels like.

I now know the meaning of overjoyed.

When I think of the lines of “I, Too, Sing America,” tears of emotion well up inside me. One day they’ll see how beautiful I am… I simply go inside myself again. I think of my great-great grandfather, born a slave in Virginia. Virginia… wasn’t that a state that Obama carried??!!! Here I go again.

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“Can I Kick It?”: TBoH Election Playlist

On election day, stay strong, stay confident, and keep the positive vibes going with TBoH’s Obama Election Day 2008 Mix! Our playlist features uplifting songs that reflect the spirit of Senator Obama’s historic campaign.

A Tribe Called Quest opens the call to action (“Yes You Can!”), while tracks by Digable Planets, Eric B. & Rakim, and Jay-Z describe Obama’s level-headed coolness and intellect. “Magic”, “Omid (Hope)”, “Come Alive”, “Say”, “No More Drama” and “Love’s in Need” remind us of the unity and courage of the Campaign for Change.

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One day I’ll tell my daughter about this morning, when we walked hand in hand out of the voter registration office and she asked: Where’s the boat? Are we going to get on the boat?

No, baby girl, we’re going to vote. And we just did. We voted. For Barack Obama for President of the United States.

For two hours we waited in the early voting line. Although the sun was bright, it was windy and cold in the shade outside. My daughter ate pretzels and juice, chatted until she fell asleep on my shoulder, then curled up in her stroller as we inched toward the voting booth.

I had expected tears and celebration from the folks waiting in the long line. Or a “fist bump” maybe? Instead, it was quiet smiles and friendly nods from the other black voters (and white ones too). Some wore their Obama buttons until they came within sight of the poll workers. Waiting behind me were a middle-aged library clerk and a college student who was voting in the presidential election for the first time. In front, I noticed quite a few black veterans and soldiers in uniform, executives on their cell phones, and lots of elderly women – including the one who stopped to peer up and down the waiting line and laughing, raised her hands to say, “blessings to you, blessings to all of you!”

What mattered most to me, though, was that I held my daughter’s hand and together we cast a ballot for Obama. And she smacked that blinking VOTE button at the top of the touch screen not just for me, but for her great grandmothers who stand with us in spirit. It doesn’t matter that we live in a ridiculously red state (South Carolina). Today I felt proud, grateful, and oddly enough – relieved. No matter what happens, we did it, baby girl. We got on the boat.

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Presidential Politics Post Script

"Be Logical, Captain" by Drew Friedman

"Be Logical, Captain" by Drew Friedman

A few tips that I learned from my attempt to spend a week free from political news:

  • Breaking News is Bogus: Of all the sneaky ways that news outlets try to catch our attention, the lure of BREAKING NEWS is one of the worst. Really, there’s no such thing. Not these days when the news is always breaking. The same goes for CNN’s disingenuous banner: “This Just In!” This marketing ploy makes us feel that when we’re not watching, we’re missing something important. Well, this just in: we’re not.

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My Presidential-Free Politics Week, Day 4

I'm Voting For Obama!

Joe the Plumber?!?! Are you kidding me? In last night’s debate, Obama showed that he is ready to be our next president with his intelligence, focus, and yes, his eloquence. McCain showed himself to be an ass. Obama seemed a little shaken at points, but he still maintain his coolness and stood his ground.

Afterward I found myself so impatient with the post-debate spin that I gladly changed the channel. I am starting to realize that my past frustrations may have been driven more by where I have chosen to get my information – cable news, for instance – rather than the information itself.

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My Presidential-Politics Free Week, Day 3

Obama's Moment of Zen

I survived my minor meltdown last night with a little help from Law & Order. Now I’m sailing through day three of my presidential-politics free week. This may have something to do with the fact that I promised myself I would suspend this crazy “fast” to watch the third and final debate tonight, and that promise has kept me going all day! Continue reading

My Presidential Politics-Free Week, Day 2

You don't need those empty calories, Senator!

Don't eat that, Senator!

So it’s day two of my presidential politics-free week and I’m feeling a bit disconnected. Did something important happen yesterday? Did Palin flub another interview? Did Biden finally clock McCain in the jaw?

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