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“For the Love of Crom!”: Obama & Comics Culture


For days I’ve been mulling over what to say about Amazing Spider-Man #583, the well-publicized Marvel comic that features a chisel-jawed President Obama. But honestly, I’ve got nothing. It’s like writing about the time Mr. T appeared on Diff’rent Strokes. Or reflecting on the subtext of Scooby-Doo Meets the Harlem Globetrotters. “I know it wouldn’t look good to be seen palling around with me,” Spidey says to Obama at one point. Zing!

But who am I to pass judgment? I’ve collected at least six Obama t-shirts, four campaign buttons, a coloring book, a watch, a tote bag, two calendars, countless stickers, and a 6″ action figure of the man. (But no Beanie Babies, I promise!) I’m genuinely thrilled to see Obama come to life in the Marvel Universe. I’ve been enthusiastically following Rich Watson’s posts on how the president is represented in comics and Newsarama reports that ASM #583 is now in its third fourth printing.

obama-supermanReading the story made me realize, however, that what I’ve always admired most about Barack Obama is not his perceived super-heroics, but the fact that an individual who is capable of achieving such greatness is, like me, just another comic book fan.

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