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Lost & Found: Barack O’ Lantern Edition

A few links, videos, and other online ephemera from our favorite sites this past week:

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Presidential Politics Post Script

"Be Logical, Captain" by Drew Friedman

"Be Logical, Captain" by Drew Friedman

A few tips that I learned from my attempt to spend a week free from political news:

  • Breaking News is Bogus: Of all the sneaky ways that news outlets try to catch our attention, the lure of BREAKING NEWS is one of the worst. Really, there’s no such thing. Not these days when the news is always breaking. The same goes for CNN’s disingenuous banner: “This Just In!” This marketing ploy makes us feel that when we’re not watching, we’re missing something important. Well, this just in: we’re not.

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My Presidential-Free Politics Week, Day 4

I'm Voting For Obama!

Joe the Plumber?!?! Are you kidding me? In last night’s debate, Obama showed that he is ready to be our next president with his intelligence, focus, and yes, his eloquence. McCain showed himself to be an ass. Obama seemed a little shaken at points, but he still maintain his coolness and stood his ground.

Afterward I found myself so impatient with the post-debate spin that I gladly changed the channel. I am starting to realize that my past frustrations may have been driven more by where I have chosen to get my information – cable news, for instance – rather than the information itself.

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My Presidential-Politics Free Week, Day 3

Obama's Moment of Zen

I survived my minor meltdown last night with a little help from Law & Order. Now I’m sailing through day three of my presidential-politics free week. This may have something to do with the fact that I promised myself I would suspend this crazy “fast” to watch the third and final debate tonight, and that promise has kept me going all day! Continue reading

My Presidential Politics-Free Week, Day 2

You don't need those empty calories, Senator!

Don't eat that, Senator!

So it’s day two of my presidential politics-free week and I’m feeling a bit disconnected. Did something important happen yesterday? Did Palin flub another interview? Did Biden finally clock McCain in the jaw?

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Live Blogging My Presidential Politics-Free Week

It's okay Senator Obama. You've still got my vote.

Don't worry, Senator. You've still got my vote.

It’s official. I simply can’t watch or listen to anymore news about the election. I’m overwhelmed and stressed out, especially by all the recent nasty, hateful rhetoric against my candidate and the exhausting 24-hour news analysis. Seriously, my mental health is in jeopardy here. So with the exception of this Wednesday’s presidential debate, I’m going to make an effort to refrain from my favorite television news, blogs, and talk radio. This means no Keith Olbermann, no Rachel Maddow, no Ed Schultz, no more “Talk of the Nation,” no Politico or Daily Kos or Huffington Post, no Jack & Jill Politics. No Newsweek this week. Until next Monday, it’s only webcomics, TV sitcoms, Pandora, and pictures of Barack Obama holding babies. I’m desperately hoping that I’ll be a stronger, saner person after this experiment is over. Let’s find out, shall we?

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Where’s my second chance?

This week, Congress will piece together legislation that will be one of the largest bailouts of the financial markets in U.S. history. Most news outlets are reporting that this package will total nearly $700 billion dollars. That’s right. $700 billion dollars to clean up the recklessness and greed of rich, white corporate investors.

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