TBoH Recommends: SuperNews!


It’s your favorite YouTube viral video meets The Daily Show, or perhaps a South Park version of The Office. SuperNews is a new half-hour animated sketch show on Current TV that features hilarious political, entertainment, and technology satire. It also has one of the best vocal impressions of Barack Obama that I have heard to date (although it’s hard to compete with Iman Crosson). President Obama is notoriously difficult to parody, but the show finds creative ways to poke fun at the White House and our contentious political climate, as in the sketch “Obama Hits the AIG Spot”:



SuperNews occasionally incorporates a harder edge to its criticism as in the recent satire “The War on Terror of 1776” that frames the American Revolution in terms of our 21st century approach to terrorism.  The show has also gotten a lot of attention lately for “Twouble with Twitters” — a send up of the social networking site — but when it comes to skewering our technology-driven consumer culture, my favorite sketch is “Evite Master.” Don’t worry if you don’t have Current TV – full episodes and clips of the show can be found on the web and iTunes. Enjoy!



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6 responses to this post.

  1. Thanks! I liked to the Twouble with Twitters & I’m still laughing!


  2. That is LINKED


  3. Isn’t it hilarious!!!


  4. Wow! Sounds just like him! I’m glad to see he’s no longer “untouchable,” but that the satire isn’t mean-spirited (or worse)–thanks for sharing!


  5. Did you know Al Gore is behind Current TV? I just found out the other day.


    • Yes! I remember when Current TV was launched and Al Gore was promoting it. It’s a great channel, great concept with mini-documentaries.


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