Lost & Found: For the Santa in All of Us


A few links, videos, and other online ephemera from our favorite sites this past week:

  • twitter-16x16TBoH has discovered Twitter! Honestly, though, beyond posting blog updates and reading what others are doing, I still don’t know how to make this high-tech time-waster useful. (Do you really want to know what I’m eating for breakfast?) If you have tweets to share, follow us here!
  • Watch: We finally saw Wall-E on DVD last weekend. Like all Pixar’s films, it is visually stunning. But the story’s message about self-preservation, earth conservation, and a loving, anthropomorphic trash-compacting robot was more captivating that I ever imagined. In other words, I was crying big, sloppy tears by the end.
  • Laugh: Okay, David Alan Grier. You finally got a laugh out of me with this sketch on Black Comic Con 2008. Your opening rant about Death’s Hate Crimes was pretty edgy, too. A sign of better things to come, DAG?

  • Chat: Oprah is on Professor Tracey’s mind and everybody else’s! Her discussion about O’s latest Battle of the Bulge is generating great conversation over at Aunt Jemima’s Revenge.
  • Listen: Catch Mo Willems in his brilliantly creative segment on NPR as a radio cartoonist. Readers can submit their own captions to his cartoons before he reads them on-air during All Things Considered. (Still mad at NPR for canceling “News & Notes,” but Willems is the author of one of my daughter’s favorite books.)
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2 responses to this post.

  1. We loved WALL-E, and it made me cry too! Also, we just bought a Mo Willems book for Christmas for the daughter of a friend, so we’re feeling that love too.

    Happy Holidays, Claudia and Frieda!


  2. OK, “Spawn was our Obama” is the best thing I’ve heard all month.

    Speaking of Blomicon, I picked up the new McDuffie-penned issue of JLA featuring the return of the Milestone characters. It was . . . okay. It’s hard to tell if McDuffie’s story is worthwhile because Ed Benes’s art is really atrocious. I feel bad for McDuffie: He gets a high profile gig at DC and they saddle him with big-event tie-ins and Ed Benes.


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