Witness History on TV One

black_voterTake a break from CNN, MSNBC, and FOX tonight and check out the election coverage on TV One. Our good friend, James Hill, will be a special correspondent in the channel’s newsroom beginning at 7 PM!

From the TV One website:

With seven different remote locations around the country, including live cameras at the McCain and Obama headquarters and coverage from the Associated Press’ national vote tally center, TV One is ready to document this historic night from all angles.  Arthur Fennel and Joe Madison , of TV One DNC Coverage, return as host along with Jacque Reid anchoring from the TV One Election Newsroom.  The anchor team will be joined by Tom Joyner, Michael Eric Dyson and more who will provide commentary all night long.  Shawta Walcott , one of the top pollsters in the country will be on board analyzing the votes and exit polling.

As the first polls close in the East at 7 pm (ET), TV One will be anchored in Sen. Obama’s election night headquarters inChicago, ground-zero for this historic event.  In addition, Roland Martin , who TV One shares with CNN, will be reporting live from CNN Election Headquarters in New York.

This election is expected to have unprecedented turnout among young people and African-Americans, and TV One has responded with remote broadcasts from two colleges in battleground states: Florida A&M and North Carolina A&T.  Here, we will hear and see first hand how these groups are responding to the election in real time.

Finally, TV One Online offers late breaking developments in the campaigns and around the world.  A special correspondent in the Election Newsroom will be reporting what’s going on online with the election in real time.

With news, analysis, insight and historical perspective, TV One will chronicle what could turn out to be the most important event in the African-American community in this century. TV One’s election night promises to be one exiting and compelling ride.

Witness history take place only on TV One, November 4 at 7 pm (ET).

2 responses to this post.

  1. Hey,
    Thanks for giving me the big ups on this! I really appreciate it. Keep your fingers crossed because I might be on for inauguration, too.

    Look out world!


  2. Oh man, so so so very jealous of you right now….


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