Share Your Election Day Story

He represents the nation as it is, and as it
aspires to be. – LA Times

"Aspiration" by Aaron Douglas (1936)

"Aspiration" by Aaron Douglas (1936)

We volunteered for Obama’s Campaign for Change this weekend! Frieda made calls to Virginia voters from her living room, while I canvassed and worked with a phonebank in North Carolina. My partner was an elderly black woman named Ethel who has been going door-to-door for Obama since the summer primary. She was sweet, funny, and fantastically persistent. Afterward, I moved to the phones and met a retired black man who told me he voted for Bush in the last election (“…for religious reasons”). But he was disgusted with the Republican party, and impressed enough with Barack to make calls on his behalf. My contribution seemed small compared to the work of these volunteers, but I feel proud to have been involved. And it’s not too late for you to participate too…

Tell Us About Your Election Experience…

We’d love to hear about what this election means to you. What was your experience at the polls? What kind of volunteer work did you do? Leave your comments, observations, and positive affirmations in our comments section. And have you checked out our election day music mix?

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4 responses to this post.

  1. I’m watching Barack and Michelle cast their ballots with their daughters in Chicago on CNN. Get out the kleenex!!!


  2. We only had about a 35 minute wait in Saint Gabriel this morning; after a heart-stopping moment when they couldn’t find our names on the voter rolls at first — since our registrations in the new house have only been official for about a month — they figured out where to look and we got to push the button for Obama; it was quite a relief.

    (I also had to vote for constable. I probably should have informed myself better about the constable race.)

    Everyone at our polling place said they’d never seen turnout like this before, so I’m hoping that bodes well — maybe LA will at least be a squeaker.


  3. .02 seconds after the polls closed in South Carolina, the networks call it for McCain… what a shock! LOL. I still have faith in my home state, Virginia!


  4. My prediction – Barack Obama will be declared our President-Elect within the hour! What an amazing moment!


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