Obama’s Bookshelf

Wow, I just have to share this report on The Root by Keith Josef Adkins about Obama and His Literary Tastes. It’s truly a breath of fresh air amidst all the non-stop election madness and Adkins makes a great suggestion about holding Obama lit and music gatherings of our own. Some of Obama’s favorite authors include Malcolm X, Philip Roth, Ernest Hemingway, Nietzche, and Toni Morrison. (I seem to recall a reference to Richard Wright in Dreams From My Father as well.) What an amazing thing, the idea that we might have a president who knows that, “if you surrendered to the air, you could ride it.

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  1. Posted by Eccles. on September 29, 2008 at 12:12 AM

    What if you live in a ‘split-household’? Well, I was considered a resident of a split household when Hillary was running against Barack; now that Barack is the Democratic nominee, I antagonize my hubbie by suggesting that he vote for McCain. [I’d rather say “just shut up” when he’s ridiculing Obama, but restraint is best when I can manage it]. Anyhoo. Yes, my “I am because I’m African” husband supported Hillary and questioned Obama’s loyalties to Black people. This came about primarily because of Obama’s response to affirmative action questions in 2 different debates. Now, my husband is considering not voting at all. I think that he will vote. I think he secretly voted for Obama in the primaries, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he voted for Hillary.

    I admire Obama and his family. I admire his courage in the way that Colin Powell admires him. I cheered at the ‘fistbump’ [what do Black folks call it??] that he gave his wife. I understand that he doesn’t get to have White Privilege so he can’t say “I’m gonna take good care of Black people”. I don’t even want him to. Hillary’s privilege allowed her to say everything that brown folks wanted her to say. Barack gets it and is brilliant enough to run a campaign that would send Hilary home. I support women. That’s why after starting (I haven’t yet finished) Lani Guinieri’s book, I decided I wasn’t in love with Clintons…well, not more in love than with Barack.

    I just want for Black people to be proud to have a representative in the White house. I want for our sons and daughters to be one step closer to saying “I want to be President” and it not be a freakin’ joke.

    I sometimes wonder if Black folks have too much education. [This is anonymous, right?] I have another friend who suggests that if Barack is elected President, then White folks will be let off the hook for their covert racism. Me, I’m willing to take the chance. Let’s just go ahead and have a Black president and see how it works out. I can’t help but to think about Harriet Tubman. She said herself that she could have freed more people if they knew that they were slaves.

    Forgive me for going ‘off subject’. This is my first post :-)


  2. I don’t know how you do it, Eccles! I have been drinking the Obama kool-aid since the Iowa caucus and I can’t imagine what would happen if everybody in my house didn’t feel the same way. (Actually, now that I think about it, I did have a few family members on the fence and it was a bit awkward….) But what’s the alternative? Staying home on this historic election day would be like voting for McCain.

    I’m with you, let’s just take a chance with a President Obama. I think he forces us to reconsider all of our assumptions about race, politics, and our nation…and that’s not a bad thing.


  3. […] October 21, 2008 by Claudia I am genuinely puzzled by David Samuels’ recent in-depth article in The New Republic that compares Barack Obama to Ralph Ellison’s 1952 classic, Invisible Man. Like many who are familiar with Ellison’s work, I also sensed a cultural and literary kinship between the book’s unnamed black protagonist and the bi-racial U.S. Senator from Illinois. (See my previous post on Obama’s bookshelf!) […]


  4. […] its so-called “profanity, sexual references and violence” and how dare they ban one of our President’s favorite books! But I also wondered if the decision was motivated by people who determined that Song of Solomon […]


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